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1/4 Bases Will Not Upgrade -Same Base has Resource Transfer Issues

by sparrowfire75

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1/4 Bases Will Not Upgrade -Same Base has Resource Transfer Issues

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Upgrade problems - will not upgrade.  Also -a "resource transfer bug" -all started today.  2 problems where there have not been any before.


My third base will not upgrade its unit or defence (despite more than enough resources and the base being in perfect shape).  I click on "upgrade" and it makes the noise, does the graphic, but then reverts to its old value.  I have four bases, the other three work fine. Also, on the same base that will not upgrade, when I go to transfer resources I cannot transfer 100% and an error message pops up "  cannot transfer at this time".  If I transfer 75% or 50% this works, but I suspect this indicates a deeper problem?  This all started today.  I have reloaded multiple times and nothing has changed.  Very frustrating.


I could live with the transfer issues, but the inability to upgrade defence or building productivity makes the game unworkable.  Anybody know how to fix this?

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