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Re: Why not EA selling mods?

by ValFreya13

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Why not EA selling mods?

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I wish i could buy Generals Zero Hour Mods on EA is there a way to buy mods ?

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Re: Why not EA selling mods?

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Some modders have patreon or other means to offer monetary support for their work. But if EA were to sell the stuff, it wouldn't, by definition, be a mod. 

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Re: Why not EA selling mods?

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@myosithuhtun Mods don't get sold. In fact, EA has released modding guidelines for the C&C franchise that forbid that.

This means that any mods you can find for the C&C games are simply 100% free.


As @ValFreya13 said, if a mod would be sold by EA, it'd simply be an official expansion / DLC, not a mod.

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