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Installing Red alert on windows 7

by bowers9927

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Installing Red alert on windows 7

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Ive just bought the original red alert and cant get it to install on my lapton as im using windows 7 64 bit. Im really crap with laptops so any help would be much apperachetd

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Re: Installing Red alert on windows 7

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Try this Link.


Cracking it is another matter.


Also remember to right click RA95.exe > Properties. Then go to Compatibility. Tick Run this program in compatibility mode, and select Windows 95.


Lastly, to fix the colour problem when you launch the game, you need to create a batch file.

Create a new text document, then past this into it:


@echo off
@echo ================================================
@echo Welcome to Bruce's Red Alert Colour Fix! v1.00
@echo ================================================
@echo Simply place this BAT file into your Red Alert folder and execute it,
@echo this will close all instances of Explorer.exe then start the game, when closing
@echo the game, Explorer.exe is reloaded.

@echo off
taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
Start explorer.exe


Save the file as RA95.bat.

Put this bat file into where you installed the game, and open it when you want to play. All it does is close the Explorer when the game launches. The game and Windows explorer have conflicting colour palettes, and closing the explorer fixes it. When you quit your game, the Explorer will start back up automatically.


It is also good finding a torrent for it. It is legal since the game is now open source, and you own it anyway. These guys have usually done all of this for you, and fixes other problems that you will encounter with such an old game.


Hope this helps. :D

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