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Very low-res rendering in smoke/nighttime headlights: Paradise Remastered PC

by StricMatic

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Very low-res rendering in smoke/nighttime headlights: Paradise Remastered PC

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While the Remastered version of the game on PC otherwise looks pretty good, I have one major technical gripe with it that's really bothering me, and I'm posting here to ask whether what I'm seeing is unavoidable or there's some sort of solution available through settings.


Even with maxed-out video settings and in 1080p with 8x MSAA enabled, I've noticed that any object that's wrapped in tire smoke (particularly my car that's just done some E-brake turn or donut) and everyting that's lit-up by my car's headlights at nighttime is being rendered in a very low-resolution state.


It's not just regular aliasing on edges of objects (the 8x MSAA setting mostly works just fine during daytime), it rather looks like any part of my car or the enviroment that is affected by the car headlights or smoke from tires is being rendered in a much, much lower, grainy resolution. It looks like part of the screen during nighttime is being rendered in something like 1024*768 rather that full-HD 1920*1080...


I know this game is more about going fast and doing crazy stunts rather than looking super pretty, but I've never seen a particular smoke/lighting effect have such a terrible impact on a game's appearance. I just don't get it, the game normally looks pretty sharp, with some crisp, updated textures, good car models, nice daytime lighting, shadows and effects... Why do nighttime headlights and smoke ruin the game's appearance so much to the point where the game seems to resort to rendering parts of the screen affected by them in a much lower resolution that makes it look like a PS2 game at times?


Is there a particular setting that causes this issue? Any workarounds in the game's files that I could change to avoid this eyesore?

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Re: Very low-res rendering in smoke/nighttime headlights: Paradise Remastered PC

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I think you're just seeing art work and how your PC displays it. 

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