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Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

by KodeOut

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Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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I reinstalled Burnout Paradise on my pc recently and tried to login with my origin account.

I always get a message that's more or less "invalid account name" or something.

I tried to make a new account in-game, using the same email as in my origin account and a new account name, but I get a "maximum persona" message.

I have only three personas listed in one for PS3 (on which I also own & play Burnout Paradise), one for EA and the last one seem to be for Sims 3. All of these personas use the same nickname : KodeOut.


I checked my firewall, Burnout is allowed to go through on any port/protocol and all the ports needed are open in my router...


From what I read here and there, I'm far from being the only one have this kind of troubles, so, how to fix this mess?

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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I finally got an answer that helped me to login in the game. Hope this helps you guys too! Standard smile I used my Origin ID, but with a little twist. All capitals had to be changed to small letters and the 2 words I had as my ID had to be written together without a space between them. Now I got in and game works as it should. Thanks a lot for all your kindness and help! Standard smile

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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If you can't log into your Origin account the game wont login. Try to log into Origin out side of the game. Once you can do that then use the same user name and password for the game logon.


You also may need a this patch in order to get the updates to play the game again.

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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When I saw your answer I knew you didn't understand what I wrote. Reason I completely gave up trying to make this game works on my pc for a while...


Now a few months later I'm back at trying to sort it out. Let me explain everything:

  1. I use with success my credentials on EA's website and on Origin client, so they work
  2. I used the origin client to download the game
  3. Since I download the game it's already the latest version and that's what the patch you linked tell me
  4. I tried the game on my PS3 (since I own it on this platform too). The online functions (freeburn, ...) seems to still work, so I guess that my account is still linked (as shown in the "about me'" page on my account) and working there.

Conclusion: I doubt that the problem is between my chair and my keyboard, if you know what I means.

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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What is the exact error message word for word? That is important to know for help. 

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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The game is in french on my computer, so it's "Le nom de compte que tu as spécifié n'est pas valide".

Translated it would be "The account name you specified is invalid".


Since my credentials allow me to login on the website and the origin client, I guess they should be okay for burnout too.

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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Try with the old account name see what happens.

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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If I could remember my old criterion games account informations, I would already have tried those before asking why my origin credentials don't allow me to connect...

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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This may sound like 2 dumb questions but mite make the difference,.


1. Is the PC you recently installed the game on a different PC from prior install/s?


2. You said it's the French version, are you trying to log on in the French region?

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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Hello Team, 

I'm having the exact same problem.
I bought the game in March 2009, and I recently wanted to have fun again with it, but I couldn't log in anymore.

I'll set you some screen captures in order to show you guys what I have as error.


When I try to put my actual Origin IDs, it says : Le compte que tu as spécifié n'est pas valide (-> The account you specified isn't valid) (Screen 1)


When I tried to use one of my former IDs, it says : Cette combinaison de nom d'utilisateur et de mot de passe n'existe pas (-> This ID and password combo doesn't exists) (Screen 2)


I was on phone with EA French customer support from 12:33 to 13:20 (french time) today, and when I tried to create a new account with the same mail address than the OriginAccount, it said : "XxXxX (Account name), This address you are using is already registered. Please enter your EA password, or try to reinitialize it".

I synthetize in english because I can't have any picture of it anymore, because "Le compte que tu tentes d'utiliser possède déjà le nombre maximum de pseudos associés" -> The account you're attempting to use owns already a maximum amount of IDs) (Screen 3).


I, of course, changed my computer since 2009, have reinstalled the game fully, after erasing everything of it (even in My Docs section), and I'm using the 1.100 version (tried to run the one in upper post, and because the game is on Origin, I use the French region.


Please come back to me if you find any idea or if you need further investigation.

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Re: Can't log in to Burnout Paradise

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I have the same problem. I cant login in Burnout Paradise servers. Both versions of the game Steam and Origin have the same error invalid account name.

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