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Burnout remastered wheel support?

by JammaTheGreek

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Re: Add wheel support

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I  just got the game and am extremely disappointed that it does not support my Thrustmaster 300rs wheel and pedals!!  How could they neglect that on a racing game?

I have never played with a steering wheel, I never liked driving games with wheels, and I have no interest in doing so in the future. BUT that said, I agree with you that leaving it out, when even the PS3/360 versions had wheel support, is a little absurd. I can only imagine how disappointed I would be if I was a player who enjoyed playing with a steering wheel, bought the game at launch for $40.00 USD with my wheel hooked up, and only later found that it wouldn't work.


To be frank, there are a bunch of things left out of the Remastered versions of the game that are a little baffling. So I definitely feel your pain.

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Re: Burnout remastered wheel support?

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There really needs to be wheel support on ps4. Why does it work fine on ps3 but not here. Makes no sense.
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Re: Burnout remastered wheel support?

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need a quick answer about the patch or I shall be claiming a refund.
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Re: Burnout remastered wheel support?

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Please add racing wheel support to BPR. As a new owner of a G920, it makes so much sense for this beloved arcade racing series to have wheel support. A short degree of rotation like 270-360 would be fine for the speed and force feedback would make collision with other vehicles feel great.

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Re: Burnout remastered wheel support?

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I completely agree!  I bought this version because as a wheel fan I was disappointed that my original version of the game didn't have wheel support, but then they released a version that did, and I never got it, so when I saw it on PS4, it didn't make any sense to me that the new remastered version WOULDN'T have wheel support?!


Is there added support with a patch yet?

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Re: Burnout remastered wheel support?

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A remastered version should contain all previous features, anything less must be viewed as a downgrade. Furthermore people should be entitled to a full refund if said expectations aren’t met. EA’s made it abundantly clear they have no intention of patching in wheel support in the foreseeable future. 

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