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Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

by EA_Barry

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Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!


Image from Burnout Revenge



Check it out here:

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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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Hi , after More than 10 DM's with @xboxsupport who sent me to @EAhelp  and after a tons of pics and prooves , they could not help me and send me this link to this page to leave my issue . and an issue a German guy who bought the game DIGITALLY ON THE 360 not on the Xbox one to be precise 

here is a repost of the 1st of many DM i've sent to EA help  because my cloud save that i got , my 360 is till working and hooked up on my TV with the game... (important to know )



Here is the issue i got with burnout revenge digitally bought on  360 in december 2017 , im french, it was the French version ( 3 langages one ) running on the 360 with a save of 56 Hours and some exclusives cars saves like the plantronics and 10 others , when the game finally came to BC, ( thanks a lot guys that is AWESOME keep doing this please NFS HIOT PURSUIT 2 Next ?? ) the issue i got is that my xbox one X is downloading another version of the game that does not contain french, it had UK , SPA and 2 other langages, so 4 langages, i have exchanged multiple Dm's with @xboxsupport with photo evidence from 360 and xbox one, and follow their steps, downloaded the game 4 time , but the real issue is not that the game is in English  it's doesnt bother me, is more that as it is not the same EU PAL code Version as the 360 digital i have , the saves do not match, and so i have to create a new save, the saves in the cloud do not pick  up my save on my 360 ( that i got and powered on to be sure it was uploaded ) i've got tons of proof, i dunno if you guys know the issue, but it would be great that french ppl wo already bought the game on 360 will have the EXACT same copy of the game with working saves files..  am i the first to report this ? cos on twitter i found ppl with opposite issue, for example a German guys who have the game in French but not in German, it is like you have wrongly distributed the different PAL copies to be downloaded for those at least who previously had the game DIGITALLY on 360. thanks a lot . Cos the Xbox one game check for cloud saves , but then find nothing and shows me a langage selection screen THAT HAVE MORE LANGAGES that the 360 DIGITAL copy i have but no FRENCH and so the game ID must not be the same and so the console think it is a different game... i've made tons of pictures from my 360 and xbox one if u need them . just ask . 

thanks a lot for bringing this wonderful game , i dont mind playing in English , i've worked in Ireland a long time ago , it's okay , it is just that i wish i could have the saves of the exclusives cars like the plantronics one and the others too to be retrieve to the xbox one , i just wish like all of my 92 Digitial games that are BC on xbox One the xbox Servers sent me the exact same copie of the game that i either inserted or Own digitally , and this is the first one where it is not the case, im pretty sure the issue does not exist for a french guy who bought the game directly on his Xbox one , but me i bought it for 29,99 euros on my 360 in december 2017 and i'm quite sure it is a rare case, i wish i could even erase this game and buy for 9,99 the xbox one version cos i'm pretty sure it would give me the right version of the game who have my mother tongue and so my save can be carried on ... but that is not possible  

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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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Can you play this online?

Since this is backward compatible with the xbox one since this is the xbox 360 version

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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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Hi at least i can help you with this, the servers of the game were shut down like 2 years ago , so no cos it's not Xbox live servers ... so no online , but if u never did it , there a ton of things to do , if u loved paradise , then for 9,99 euros it's a steal, i bought it last december digitally at 29,99 euros despite the fact i had it on disc hoping it would be BC , so go for it if you are a burnout fan, the crash mode is the best of all burnouts. and solo content and couch co op is amazing.

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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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i'm sad that no one from xbox support to EA support couldn't help me , so i'm still hoping that my First post , the first one will be red from the EA Answer HQ team , cos i wish they could fix this save issue on the game for those who bought the game on 360 digitally... 

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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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#xboxsupport and #EAhelp send me here but apparently no one is here from EA to help...


Is there another way to contact EA Backcompat team ??


thanks .

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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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Please, reverse the decision to retire Burnout Revenge

October 24th 2017

Burnout Revenge, Xbox 360

It should have been backward compatible last year
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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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Good Question, because I want to know get ahold of them also

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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

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Hi @coldkeyes all i can say that i had to do to fix the issue is to buy the french disc , in order for my xbox one to donwload the French version of the game and i finally got my save with all the bonuses cars... ( available only via special code or manoeuvre on the title menu on the 350 from my memory , the weird thing is my french digital 360 Game on demand is okay on the 360, but not on the xbox one , it downloads another EU version without my mother tongue..


and for what we can see and notice, there is no help whatsoever from EA anywhere, nor on twitter, nor here.... 


the game works great, but yeah too bad the xbox live was plugged off...


but the game is still worth it , thanks to a great solo and the crash mode. 

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Re: Burnout Revenge is now backward compatible!

★★★ Newbie

Burnout is cool

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