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Burnout Paradise Remastered PC Crashing on initial loading screen

by Froggy19

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Re: Burnout Paradise Remastered PC Crashing on initial loading screen

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@masvil2 wrote:

Mine is crashing at servers loading. It doesn't if Origin is offline.
DxDiag.txt attached to get support.
I already tried to install/repair the two vcredist files from game install location, no success.

Fixed myself uninstalling some screen recordind tool(s) (Windows 10)

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Re: Burnout Paradise Remastered PC Crashing on initial loading screen

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I sure wish they'd patch the game to fix my issue that causes the same CTD when connecting to server: namely the fact that my Windows User ID has an "é" in it. You'd think that in this day and age the devs of the remaster (or of the handshake that happens when connecting to server) would have thought that users could have extended ASCII characters in their user IDs. :rolleyes:


It's ridiculous to expect a player to make a second Windows ID and have to switch to it if one wants to play the game as intended. The game is fine, but the other 98% of my games don't require that annoying extra step, so which do you think I'm going to play? Not that EA cares now that it's got its money...

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Re: Burnout Paradise Remastered PC Crashing on initial loading screen

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My game crashed when I was connect to Origin (online). If I went offline on Origin, everything were fine. I managed to fix it by creating a new account on windows 10 without non ascii characters, in my case the problem was a É (tilde). One thing I want my mention here is that it doesn't work if you just change your windows 10 account name, I have tried it and the old name is always there in the background and the game takes it. You have to try with a different windows account without any special characters in its name.


Now I am playing online without any problems, the game works perfect. Developers of the game could fix this big annoying bug though.

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Crashing after "Connection to Burnout Paradise servers"(Windows 7)

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Hey, IDK why, but in Windows 7 x64 Home Premium game is always crashing after message "Connection to Burnout Paradise servers". I tried everything: installed latest DirectX libraries, validated game data by Origin repair function, and i also have all of available updates of my OS right now. Other games works pretty well, but here i have a problem. Hope you can help me with this.

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Re: Crashing after "Connection to Burnout Paradise servers"(Windows 7)

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Moved your post over here since it's related. Does the solution in this link to the first page fix it for you? There are some recent solutions commented right above you, such as creating a Windows user profile without any special characters (perhaps that applies to you too). It might be a random program running in the background causing it to crash, so running a clean boot and then immediately launching the game can help narrow down what is causing it to crash.


Clean Boot


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(PC) Burnout Paradise Remastered Crashing During DMV Screen

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I've spent a bunch of time looking for solutions, but nothing seems to work. Everytime I load up the game, it will play the initial cutscene, but as soon as it shows the letters 'DMV' on the screen, the game crashed. I'm able to play "Party" mode fine. Burnout Ultimate Box worked fine, but I can't get past the 'DMV' screen on this version. I don't have a webcam, so that's not an issue. I'm playing on Windows 10. I've also tried loading the game in 'Offline' mode, but no luck. Any suggestions?

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Betreff: (PC) Burnout Paradise Remastered Crashing During DMV Screen



Please create a DxDiag in text file format and post it with your next reply.

Also go to your Reliability monitor > Press the Windows key and "R" at the same time and copy and paste or type "perfmon /rel" (without the quotes) in the new Window > hit “ENTER” and look if it has entries for the game you have trouble with.

If yes double click at the last entry for the game executable, copy the info to the clipboard, and save it to a text file.


You can attach the DxDiag text file you created (and the “Reliability monitor” text file as well) to your post in the “Reply” window with the “Choose File” button. 



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Re: Burnout Paradise Remastered PC Crashing on initial loading screen

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Thanks to this thread, I fixed a similar issue that presented in a much different way. So I'll tell my story in hopes it helps another lost googler.


  I bought the game last week and have been playing on my desktop, an old phenom II based system with a 780. Amazingly it runs 1080p max settings at ~60FPS. Installed the game on my ultrabook, to duplicate a problem a friend was having with his graphics switching not auto-detecting, only to find that the game automatically sets the default screen res to that of the desktop (3200x1800) thus inducing a bit of lag. Now this isn't a problem as I'm used to dealing with this issue on my ultrabook in pretty much every game, only this time there's no launcher to change the settings and the main menu doesn't have a way to change the settings. So I start up and lag my way into paradise city and hit "ESC" to open the menu only to find that it crashes before I can do anything. A few attempts later I open the config.ini file in AppData and manually change the resolution to 720p, after reading through the forum. The game now plays just fine only I still cant open the menu without crashing to the desktop, without error message. After the usual troubleshooting steps, disabling overlays, affinity, dpi, etc, I finally open the device manager and disable the webcam, lo and behold the menu opens.


  So since I had loaded a cloud save and made it past the DMV screen, the game was still attempting to access my webcam when I opened the menu subsequently crashing the game. 



Why EA, so much frustration could be avoided with 3 changes;

1. a settings option either in a launcher or the game's main menu

2. a proper webcam setup or an entire lack thereof



P.S. Anybody have a webcam that works with the game? I'd be interested in knowing if it's doing anything with the stream.

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