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Re: Burnout paradise remastered crashes constantly

by Real_Mr_Nobody

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Re: Burnout paradise remastered crashes constantly

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@AwedBrotherNot working, still the Game Crashes for no Reason... Now when I select custom freeburn online the crashes, so disable Webcam It didn't help.

I Hope EA will release new Patch or Update for this Game. I already Uninstall this Game until EA release a new Patch for this game.

This game make me, do a Hard Shutdown my Laptop, when the game Crash, it Freezes, I can't minimize it, I can't Alt + F4, and Ctrl + Alt + Del too, so does the Windows not Respond at all, But luckily no BSOD appear.

Please EA, Fix it, I love this game, we all Love Paradise City, don't make us regret to bought this Game.


My Problem even Online or Offline:
1. Game Crashes when I access Pause Screen

2. Game Crashes after completing an Event

3. Game Crashes when access Freeburn Online

4. Game Crashes when starting Crash Mode

5. Sometime Game Crash and back to desktop at first initial Loading (EA Logo)


That's all my Problem for now... i'll let you guys know what else...

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Re: Burnout paradise remastered crashes constantly

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I haven't had a problem for a little while, I may know why. When I started the game up for the first time I didn't take a picture for the license because I have my camera disabled. After re-enabling it and taking the license picture, I left the camera on after that and have not had a crash since. However, the game will do some stuttering and have slowdowns after finishing events now sometimes. 

Try turning your cameras on, if they are off. Allow burnout to access it in Windows if denied and if you don't have a license pic yet, take one.

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Re: Burnout paradise remastered crashes constantly

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Already done that, and taken a picture for License as well... my first play this game is okay. until recently maybe about 2 hours of gameplay the problem happen. trying to disable Webcam and enable it nothing helped. The problem still persist.

I don't think it's because the OS or Laptop, I can run this game perfectly, and so other games like Need For Speed 2015, and Star Wars Battlefront II. Only BPR is a lot of Problem.



OS   : Windows 10 Pro

CPU : Intel Core i5 6200U


GPU : Nvidia GeForce GT 930MX

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Re: Burnout paradise remastered crashes constantly

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I just may have been lucky myself, using a Lenovo laptop with a gtx 960m myself. 16gb ram, win 10 ver 1803, GeForce driver very 411.70. I am using the GeForce experience optimized settings for the game as well. Just played and ran a few events and still not crashing anymore. 

Someone mentioned elsewhere I looked before about cables plugged in to your PC effecting the game if there was nothing plugged into them on the other end, or unrecognized add-ons. Check your graphical settings too, just Incase.

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Re: Burnout paradise remastered crashes constantly

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I had the same problem

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