trying to figure out missing quests

by chloeisgr8

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trying to figure out missing quests

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Hi all-- 


I recently started replaying after abandoning my Springfield and I am realizing I am missing A LOT of quests. I have been checking out forums and the list of quests trying to troubleshoot myself but I can't seem to figure it out. 


I am currently at level 101. I seem to be stuck after Honest John's Computers (I stored the building along with the Giant Wheel and when that did not work I sold them and rebought/built them). Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to move forward and get some buildings/characters unlocked.


I am missing the ZiffCorp sign (and the subsequent builds that come with it), Classy Girls Strip Club, Quimby Compound, Gold Navy, D'amici Summer Home, Municipal House of Pancakes, Monroe Family Center, Spiffany's, Woosterfield Hotel, Springfield Slaughterhouse, Shotkickers, and the Danger Pool. But I have Moonbounce, the Overpass Diner, Shotgun Petes Wedding Chapel, Centre for Geriatric Medicine, Prison Bus, and Googoplex. 


Looking at my locked characters, the ZiffCorp sign is yellow but locked and The Way I Wish We Was is not in my task list. However, Physician, Heal Thyself is in my task list. However, I am unable to start it because I haven't triggered The Ungrateful Dead Pt.1. Nothing else is in my task list besides Springfield Heights tasks and temporary event tasks as well as the World's Largest Redwood and Ain't No Mountain High Enough (which are sitting on the back shelf for now but shouldn't affect this). 


Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can move forward or if I can provide any more information! I want to get some more stuff built! 

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Re: trying to figure out missing quests

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@chloeisgr8Are you using the wiki to trace a path of which tasks to do first? Honest John’s is usually a level 40-something. So you may have to go back and find an old task you missed.

This page might help:'s_Computers?so=search

Or this page:


 or maybe it’s this one:

But if that’s not quite it, just keep searching the wiki until you locate which task is holding you up. They’re all listed in there and describes what triggers them.  Good luck!

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