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Re: spore wont launch on my macbook

by Freggi-Liz

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spore wont launch on my macbook

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i have seen so many posts about people not being able to launch the game Spore on their macbooks, and i have literally done every solution that i could. some o the solutions didn't work because finding SporePreferences was not doable, for example. Can anyone please walk me through how to fix this?customer support couldn't help me do it either, and I have already followed all the sticky links that are posted everywhere. trust me.


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Re: spore wont launch on my macbook

Hi @jeannettemariej 


The Spore Preference folder is not there until the game has opened.


If you cannot start the game, you do not have it.

/Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Preferences/Spore Preferences/p_drive/User/Application Data/Spore


Unfortunately, this game is no longer updated, so it is difficult to run on the new metal machines.

It runs well under Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra. Anything newer will hardly work!



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Re: spore wont launch on my macbook

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Try running the game through cider_noui. Go to spore in your applications folder.  Right click it, and a menu will pop up. Click Show Package Contents. Next, open the folder called Mac OS and click cider_noui to run it. It worked for me!! Hopw your game works.

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Re: spore wont launch on my macbook

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P.S I am running it on a 2019 Mojave. So it can work on newer models.
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