Re: reporting a missing monorail

by susiesnow

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reporting a missing monorail

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I got the dump, but the rest of the monorail quest line is missing.


I assumed I needed to finish some other quest lines first so I have just been playing without it. But it has been months and no quest line has shown up.  I have reported this before and I have not had a resolution so I am trying again.  I have chatted with EA help and they keep telling me to report it.  What has happened to your technical support?  When I used to report a problem it was resolved within minutes.  Now I wait weeks and months?  Help, please!!!


Yes, I filled the dump early but there was no way to know i was not supposed to and there has not even been any quest line once I filled the dump.

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Re: reporting a missing monorail

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@susiesnow - try this ...

Tap on the Dump and it shows Full instead of the Send On Jobs buttons.

Tap that grey button anyway and it should take you to the Railyard where you can "spend" Junk on Blueprints.

Empty as much as you can and then send enough people to earn 50 Junk.

Hopefully that'll kick-start the quests.
You may need to wait until people are free for that to work, never had to try it myself.


PS - also tap on Homer and check his "Yellow" jobs to see if you need him to finish a task for the quest

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Re: reporting a missing monorail

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Homer had no yellow tasks. I cannot spend any junk as I never got the metal depot or any of the recycling plants. I have read this fix in other feeds it will not work for me

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Re: reporting a missing monorail

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I figured out how to spend junk. It’s been about 24 hours am no new tasks have opened up for  anyone 

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