Wont load

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Wont load

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Product: Origin
What game do you want to talk about? Simpsons tapped out
How accessible is the current experience? It's useless to me
Summarize what in the product is difficult to use. It won't load for the past 3 days now
How is this making it more difficult? Can't play it
How can we reproduce this experience? Help me with the loading of the game

Foe 3 days now the game hasn't loaded.

Usually I jump out go back in then it works.ive cleared the cache . Restarted my phone tried everything. Nothing work. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. 

Below u will find a screenshot of what ita saying. I'm also playing on a newer adroind phone



Brian Murawski 

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Re: Wont load

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General troubleshooting tips:
  • Update your device software
  • Check for any Tapped Out update in store
  • Log out/Log back in
  • Turn off any VPN
  • Restart device
  • Clear cache
  • Free up space (some Apple devices may require 10 GB free space or up to 10% of the total space freeand it lies. Just make more free space over what it says you have.)
  • Hard close the game and restart
  • Load on another device then try again on first device
  • Try a different wifi/connection/internet/broadband
  • Change your password at ea.com less than 15 characters with only letters and numbers
  • If connected to EA/Origin: uninstall / reinstall game (Do NOT do this if you play anonymously)
  • Synchronise your game often by visiting the friend's screen so your game progress is saved
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Re: Wont load

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Same here I’ve had the issue for the past 8 months you’ll get more help on here than you will from ea advisors. I’ve done all the troubleshooting steps above and it makes no difference. The game works on an iPhone 6 not on my 15 pro max or my iPad. The help from ea has not been great and responses to my case has not been replied to in a month.

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