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Re: Why won't Spore work on my Mac?

by NKOMedia

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Why won't Spore work on my Mac?

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I'm running Mac High Sierra 10.13.6. Just downloaded Spore and it won't run, locks up, won't play at all. Should i give up and get a refund? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Why won't Spore work on my Mac?

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I am having a similar problem with my MacBook Air it loads up fine and tells me to create a spore account but it says that spore isn't optimized for my computer before hand. So I use the esc. key to back out of that then I can not click anything below the middle of my screen and I can not start a game. They have said before that it runs fine with high sierra like you have so why won't it work? I didn't spend twenty-one dollars just to have the game not work.

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Re: Why won't Spore work on my Mac?

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I ran into the problem of not being able to click anything after the game loads in High Sierra on a MacBook Air. If you enter window mode (Command->Return) you can change the graphics settings in SPORE to match your display (for me that was 1440) the game should work. At least this worked for me.

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