Tsto crashes since last update

by elliegreml872

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Re: Tsto crashes since last update

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I have iPad, and it is crashing on me for Krusty’s promotional daily event for the past few days now.  Tired of this.  In words of Mark Waid to Ethan Van Sciver regarding to Ya Boi Zack:  “Fix. This. NOW.”

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Re: Tsto crashes since last update

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@EA_Lanna  Any news on a fix? There are a small number of players still unable to play, as noted in this thread:



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Re: Tsto crashes since last update

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As posted on the other thread and reported direct to EA at least 3x, I haven't been able to even load the game since the Babies event started. My screen goes black and it says 'sorry tapped out has stopped working' with an option to report. I was reporting but nothing has improved, I only try and load the game weekly now and I've installed the game updates since the crash plus uninstalled/reinstalled etc..

I have an Asus tablet ME173X and I appreciate my tablet is an older model but I have bought doughnuts and invested 5 years in the game so it would be nice if I could still play it. Other people with never tablets have also been unable to play so hopefully age isn't the problem.

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