(TSTO) Technical Guides

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(TSTO) Technical Guides

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Hey TSTO players, 


Is your game crashing or are you having trouble connecting? Lost your Springfield? Lost Donuts or missing items? We can help:

Not sure how to get the latest update downloaded? Use these guides:

Current workarounds in Springfield

  • The game keeps crashing on iOS: iOS versions 7.1.2 and below stopped being supported on January 23, 2019. Upgrade your iOS to the latest version and the crashes should go away. If they don’t, contact EA Help.
  • Getting an "error processing" message when you log in? Workaround: This one’s easy to fix, but make sure that your game is backed up, so you don’t lose any progress. To fix it, uninstall the app, reset your password, then reinstall the app. If the problem keeps happening after that, contact EA Help.

  • Getting a "can't connect to server" message when you log in? Workaround: If you've just reinstalled your game, you may see this message. Press Retry and you'll be back in your Springfield. It could take a few tries, so keep clicking Retry until you're back in. If that doesn’t work, check out our connectivity issue article or contact EA Help.

We tweet about issues as they happen. Stay in the loop by following @EAHelp on Twitter to get real-time updates for our games and services.


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