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Betreff: Spore won't launch

by jahupea

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Spore won't launch

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Downloaded Spore through Basic Access and now it won't open. Doesn't give me the option to open. Can't do anything with it. I had gotten a popup that said something about it expired? However my Access isn't (literally just paid for it three? days ago). 


Playing on PC. Windows. 10 I think. 

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Betreff: Spore won't launch

Hi @BadWoofle 


If you bought the game through Origin, you can do the following steps

Open Origin, right click on the Spore Cover
Navigate to > Game Properties > Advanced Launch Options >Command line arguments 

Type this command -w


The game should now open in windowed mode.
Afterwards go to Spore in the graphics settings and let the game start in windowed mode. Spore is an older game, it does not run under the latest screen resolution.

If none of these work, contact support

Stay healty!
Bleibt Gesund!
I don't work for EA - I'm just only help other users . Cheers Liz
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Betreff: Spore won't launch

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you seem to be all over the place giving advice to peaple so i woud like to ask if you know anithing that coud help me

I am on windows 10


i used the CD key and got the game downloaded on my main drive from origin.


The issue

Game starts, enters black screen, then the mouse turns into the spore one and the game closes.

i have no clue to what coud cause this.

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