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Re: Spore crashing even after "fixes"

by Diakatos

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Spore crashing even after "fixes"

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My spore galaxy is very big and was started on my laptop years ago. I have moved the saves and creations by moving the "my spore creations" folder and all of the contents of roaming\spore folder. Everything moved over fine. I put in my graphics setting 1440x900@60 max detail and 4GB video ram. It ran fine for a few minutes until it crashed. I then deleted the graphics cache and re input my settings. still crashed. I then put it into compatibility mode with windows 7 as OS and to run as an administer. Ran fine for a couple minutes then crash. My crashes have no pop-up or error logs. I can't think of anything else I can change without programming skills.


My hunch on what is happening is something with graphics memory. Spore can only address 4GB or vram and my card has 8gb. I think the card is storing stuff stored through the whole vram while spore is only seeing half of it (but spore shouldn't be able to see the ram because it is handled by the GPU). Or the gpu drivers are saying that there is 8gb but spore can understand that so it crashes. If there were some way to make the vram amount spore can see to a 64-bit number then it might stop. I have run spore on this machine before with the same saves but with a 980. the 980 only has 4gb and it didn't crash nearly as much (like maybe once a month but that was probably do to an unstable overclock on my cpu).


I am going to try lowering the vram amount to 1gb and see if that does anything.


My setup is a 4960k (no OC) on a MSi z97 PC Mate with 32GB of DDR3-1600 a GTX 1080 and a sound blaster audigy fx. I am running windows 10 home. 

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Re: Spore crashing even after "fixes"

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I have tested with 1gb vram on game and it lasted longer (about 35min vs 15min early) but it still crashed.

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