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Spore crashes when MySpore Page loads in-game

by sheridan1981

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Spore crashes when MySpore Page loads in-game

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So I recently installed Spore through origin and everything was working perfectly fine until I tried to view my spore page in-game. It loads for a few seconds, then crashes with no message or warning. To make matters more strange, it's not just me having this issue with my profile. I had some friends who wanted to buddy me and viewing my profile also crashed their game. We can see my profile perfectly fine on the spore website, but viewing it in-game just results in a crash. I can view other people's profiles just fine and they can as well, so why this is affecting me alone has left me befuddled. I tried googling and searching the rest of the forums and found nothing like this, so I'm clueless on what to do.

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@sheridan1981 Hi,


If you have problems with your profile, contact a game advisor, because he alone can help you in these things.

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