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Spore account merge to origin still possible?

by Luraziel_Strata

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Spore account merge to origin still possible?

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I need to see if there is someone I can talk to about getting my old spore persona attached to my Origin account. where would I go to get this done? I went to chat support but they weren't very helpful in this regard or maybe just didn't understand what I was wanting? Not sure.

Back when Spore first launched I made a free account to try out the creature creator but we bought the game for my wife. Her spore account on her origin works just fine. But my old persona doesn't seem accessible anymore but I can search it and find it in the spore user database.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


To elaborate a bit more, I just purchased my own copy of spore on the origin store along with the expansions, earlier this month and am just now realizing this is an issue.

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