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Spore Galactic Adventures not showing on MySpore

by MisionXSpore

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Spore Galactic Adventures not showing on MySpore

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From the beggining; 


I bought the full Spore +DLC bundle at Steam, including the Base Game, Creepy and Cute, and Galactic Adventures; and i had no problems at all in downloading nor installing the games. I had minor issues when it came to creating the EA account, but it worked just fine in the end and I managed to Redeem the three codes.



When it came to "redeem" the codes, i copy the CD Key into the textbox and the next screen shows up,showing 2 possible games to redeem, being both:


SPORE™ Galactic Adventures (English US, 日本語, 한국어, 简体中文)

SPORE™ Galactic Adventures (English, English GB, English US, Français, 日本語, 한국어, 繁體中文)


I checked the second one (assuming they show basically the same game) and everythig went fine, with the exception that my Spore account didn't register my option, so I still "can" play the game, but i can't share my GA creations and the ywon't show up on the Sporepedia.


Is there a way to re-redeem the code or was it the other option? I can't seem to fix this and the chat support didn't work for me. Also to notice, the game and both expansion packs DO show on my Origin game library, so it is not that the code didn't work, it is just not correctly "linked" to the Spore servers... I assume :/

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Hi @MisionXSpore


The best way would be in this case that you contact a game advisor, he can help you better in this matter




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