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Re: Spore CD to Origin

by Biohero2013

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Spore CD to Origin

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I bought a CD version of Spore a few years ago, and I'd like to link it with Origin. The problem is that I can't redeem the serial code, because it says it is already used. I remember that it was in my games library, but somehow disappeared.

I tried both the Origin client and the website. And the "Contact us.." service.. I opened some case and neither of them showed up at my account. I mean it's like there are no cases. I don't know what to do.

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Re: Spore CD to Origin

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Hi Biohero,

That’s so odd. Have you tried to open the EA Help in another browser, to see if your cases are there?

And just to confirm, do you have more than one EA Account and the game is in another account? It’s so strange that a game disappeared from your game library. Maybe this is a serious issue on Origin part.
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Re: Spore CD to Origin

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Thanks for the answer.


Tried another browser (Edge), and still no cases. I normally use Chrome. This is my only EA Account.

It would be good to have the game on the client, in case something happens with the disk (and maybe buying GA).

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