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Re: Space stage problem, creature problem;

by DominoFirey_3000

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Space stage problem, creature problem;

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So i'll explain in all detail the first issue, when im in space stage, or in an adventure, when i move my camera around (holding mouse1 and the cursor stays in place) it starts having spams sometimes, and it lags if i move really slow, it stutters around basically, it's very annoying and makes the game unplayable, i've tried re installing the game, running as administrator, removing 60 fps config thingy, and bot parts but none worked, the camera always stutters, second issue is, in loading screen some of my creatures will pop up, but they have white boxes covering them for some reason, and in "My Creations" section in sporepedia i can't see them, the only way to see them is only in "Everything" section on top of sporepedia in-game.There's also a third issue that im not experiencing much anymore but it happened a few times, when i loaded up my main space stage save it started lagging and then crashed after about 4 seconds of gameplay time starting from when i loaded the save.

In the video i put you can perfectly see the stuttering and the white creatures in loading screen;

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Re: Space stage problem, creature problem;

Thank you for the presentation of your vids @DominoFirey_3000 

I would clear the cache of the game.
Expand the ingame cache under Graphics in Spore.


Please cheack out an follow this link

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Re: Space stage problem, creature problem;

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Doesn't work both of them, mouse still stutters, game still crashes

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