Re: Sound plays even when it’s off

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Sound plays even when it’s off

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After the most recent update June 2024. The sound in my Simpsons Tapped out game comes on randomly in different parts of the city. I have the sounds off in my game but when I go over random parts in the city the sounds starts playing at full volume. However, when I go past that part the sound stops playing again. Playing on an IPhone 12Pro with the latest 17.5.1 software update.

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Re: Sound plays even when it’s off

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I don't play on IOS but in the the Android version there is a 'Music volume' slider and a 'SFX volume' slider in the in game settings. Are the both at minimum? (Store button, cog in right upper corner)

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Re: Sound plays even when it’s off

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I have the exact same issue.  And yes, the sound is off for both music and sfx volume sliders.  Very annoying when trying to sneak in while at work to collect and restart tasks for an event.  Only way to ensure silence is by muting the whole phone.

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Re: Sound plays even when it’s off

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Hi Tappers, 


Thanks for the heads-up about the sound coming on randomly while you're in the game! When I've had sound oddness in the past, troubleshooting helped resync things and get it working again. If you haven't yet, could you run through the troubleshooting steps for your devices? I'll pop the steps for iOS and Android below. 

I'm hoping it's just a simple syncing problem that we can sort out quickly with a bit of basic troubleshooting. Please keep me posted on how it goes.


Thanks a bunch, 


- EA_Lanna 


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Re: Sound plays even when it’s off

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I’ve tried everything - restarting the phone, updating the iOS, deleting and reinstalling the app… the sound problem is still there. The music and sound effects in the settings are all the way off, and it’ll be quiet for a moment, but as soon as I tap anything, the background sound effects of water running and maybe a campfire and some general outdoor noises come back. I’m guessing it’s related some some object from a recent quest. If I knew which one, I’d delete it! Any help you can give would be much appreciated. I don’t like having to turn the sound off on my phone entirely just to play a game. 

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Re: Sound plays even when it’s off

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This is exactly what is happening which is extremely annoying and only started after the latest update.

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Re: Sound plays even when it’s off

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Me too. Specifically over water and fire decor. All sound settings turned down but these SFX still blast. 

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