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Solution for Save game failed - Spore will now exit error

by fidoneni

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Solution for Save game failed - Spore will now exit error

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Since the Sporum is closed, and nobody really talks about this error I collected a bunch of solutions to fix this problem.

Thanks to WayBackmachine for allowing me to go back to those old threads.


Solution 1;
This is usually because you have ran out of space. You need to make sure you have enough space on your system drive (where windows is installed) for whatever you set your graphics cache to (if you haven't changed this, it is 1GB) plus another gigabyte. So for most people you will need about 2GB spare on C:

Why do you need the extra gigabyte? Because Windows uses this space for when it runs out of physical memory. Having some space free will not only make SPORE work better but the rest of your computer too. Having no space free on your system drive is a recipe for disaster and will cause loads of problems.


Solution 2; Lower and then delete the graphicscache.package file


Launch Spore, navigate to Graphics Settings and lower the Graphics cache to 512 or 256 MB. After that, close Spore and  go to your Spore directory:




And delete the GraphicsCache.package file.


Solution 3; Reduce the memory your grapics card is using


Reduce your resolution.


Reduce graphics option.


Try running in windowed mode.


Solution 4; Regenarate you package files


Deleting/Regenerating Files
It is HIGHLY recommended that you create a backup copy of the entire SPORE folder before altering any files. This will ensure that you can recover your saved data if needed.
1) Find the SPORE folder (see above)
2) Right-click the SPORE folder, and Copy
3) Paste the copied folder somewhere safe (You can paste it in the same AppData\Roaming folder, where the original SPORE folder is, OR paste in a location you will able to find it later, such as your desktop or a USB drive)
4) Rename the copied folder (NOT the original) to SPOREBackup, you may also want to add the date (such as SPOREBackup08-13-15)

Once you have saved a backup copy, follow these instructions to regenerate/delete files.
1) Quit Spore, if it is open
2) Open the SPORE folder, if not already open (see above)
3) Right-click the file(s) you would like to regenerate, and Delete (see list above, if you are unsure)
4) Launch Spore, and the files will be regenerated


Solution 4; Rename the Game0 file


It is worth renaming Game0 to something else and Game0.old to Game0 to see if the backup will work. If it doesn't delete them both.


Solution 5; Rename your Spore directory


Rename the SPORE directory above which will force SPORE to regenerate the entire folder to how it was when the game was first installed. This should clear out any corrupt settings and hopefully save you a reinstall.


Some basic troubleshooting; CLEAR ORIGIN CACHE:
Clearing your Origin cache will remove any possible corrupted file that you can download again to be corrected. Kindly click the link for the steps:

As there may be corrupted or outdated files on your PC that may be causing the issue, you can eliminate them by following the steps here: .

Clearing your DNS cache will help you get rid of outdated data in your internet that may be causing the connectivity issue that you are experiencing. Please see this link for the steps on how to do so: .


Performing a clean boot on your PC will help you eliminate software conflicts that occur when you run,install or update a program. Please refer to this link provided by Microsoft for the steps on how you can do this:

Clearing your browser’s cache will help you eliminate any possible corrupted files in your browser’s cache which can cause crashing or launching issues. Please click on the link for the steps on how to do so depending on the browser that you are using:


If you tried all of these steps, and they didn't work, you must contact a Game Advisor.


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