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Save game failed spore will now exit error

by fido341

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Save game failed spore will now exit error

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Hi everyone! I installed the game on Origin at 2018 November, but whenever I try to save I have about 50% chance to save. If it doesn't save, I get this error: Save game failed - Spore will now exit. If i restart the game, there isn't any saved planets at all. My PC specs: Intel core i3 540, 4gb RAM, Windows 8.1 64 bit 


Here is a list of the solutions that I tried:  -Regenerating the package files  -Corrupted save game  -Having like 20 GB on C: drive  -Lowered then deleted the Graphicscache.packacge file                 - Reduced the resolution to 1024*768, reduced the Graphics cache to 512 MB, Having the default graphics option.


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