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Re: SPORE Intermittent logout

by Tyr_Remora

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SPORE Intermittent logout

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I've already posted this issue on the SPORE forums but they seem without active moderators.  I can log in fine, but during gameplay at random times it will log me out and spore does not have a feature to attempt automatic re-connection nor does it have a warning that you've been logged out.  this has hindered the game mechanics to populate my universe with user made content and has created issues with my content not sharing properly (either my stuff doesn't share automatically or gets shared halfway where my game tells me it is but didn'T actualy upload to the servers)


Reading on the SPORE forums tells me this has been an issue since october 2010 and has not been fixed since then.


SPORE forum thread about this:


Galactic Adventures is installed, patched 5.1 after and no mods installed

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Re: SPORE Intermittent logout

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This is a very old bug, from four years ago. You'll have to re-connect manually, you automatically get disconnected while playing Spore. Such as playing in the Creature Stage.


I am currently trying to fix some bugs myself. That is second on my list, first i 0 Adventure Play Bug. Hopefully that'll be solved so I can focus on this. 

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Re: SPORE Intermittent logout

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would be nice if i the game can at least notify me when it logs me out or attempt a re-login automatically

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Re: SPORE Intermittent logout

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There is no notification of this. Since it is a bug it is not known to EA, and if it was it would be fixed and no notification needed.


How after 6 years of playing I can tell you key areas where you will be logged off.


You may be logged off if:


  • You've created a creation in a certain stage, I.E creating a creature in the creature stage or creaturing a vehicle/building in the Civilization stage.
  • Playing an adventure with Spore Galactic Adventures expansion.


Remember, if you're playing in the creature stage, make sure you log yourself in after every-single time you create a creature, so if you mate and evolve your creature, you'll need to log yourself in an share the creation online, because if you don't the next time you evolve again, that creature will be overwritten by the more highly evolved one. So by making sure you log yourself back in after every evolution of a creature you make, you won't lose that creation.


It is an annoying and tiresome way, but it is the best option that I can offer at the moment, once I have fixed the "0 Adventure Play Bug"  I will request a bug fix on this too.


Just to let you know, I am pretty good in asking EA/Maxis to fix these, I myself have requested two bug fixes that are now fixed. These are:


  • Sporepedia broken search
  • MPN Script fix bug

Hopefully this helps you.




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Re: SPORE Intermittent logout

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well the bug has been there for 6 years, i don't think i'll be holding my breath hoping its gonna be fixed anytime soon.


I can confirm that it does indeed log me out about 85% of the times i click finish in a creator for anything (creatures, buildings, vehicles, etc).


haven't tested adventures too much yet but i think it does as well

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Re: SPORE Intermittent logout

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After years, EA/Maxis must have forgetten about it. It was also not a top priority for Maxis, so they ignored it, not a lot of people have reported this either to EA Support. Like EA Live Chat. Despite their being threads, EA/Maxis does NOT check the Sporum anymore. EA however does check this section routinely. Maxis doesn't look at these problems even though EA Live Chat told me to come here to fix the 0 Adventure Play Bug so the Spore Developers can see it. 


It's going to be a hard bug to fix, that's for sure, but it's not impossible. 

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