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Nightmare pile problem

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In one of my games the Nighmarepile does not have costumes to all it should (like Sherri & Terry and Rod) but there's no longer the quest to them to search the pile. So what gives? The game has all those youngsters that have costumes.

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Re: Nightmare pile problem


@Olavi91960 did you just get it? Have you sent any kids on the questline Night Night Nightmare? Have you looked in your taskbook for the quest? Have you tried storing it, rebooting device and placing it again?

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Re: Nightmare pile problem

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I have sent kids to the task but not all of them because the quest vanshed from my task list. I've put the pile into my storage and logged out from the game. Logged in and put the pile back to Springfield but no task. Should I try to put it into storage, delete the game, re-install and proceed?

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Re: Nightmare pile problem

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I (or actually my wife whose game it is that the problem is) put the nightmare pile into storage. Uninstalled the game. Re-installed the game and put the pile back to Springfield and no quest appeared to the task list. So is there a way for you to reset the quest? If so her games [removed] and you can send her email at [edit: email address removed] to log out when you're ready to fix the problem.


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Re: Nightmare pile problem

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@Olavi91960 We don't have the ability to reset tasks like that. One option is to do a rollback of their account but they would need to reach out to support in order to do that.


What I would recommend first is to check out the Nightmare Pile article first and make sure all tasks and prerequisites have been completed.




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