Need help please!

by xD-ROD17x

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Need help please!

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I've been getting this error message for weeks now. Is there a fix? I've already reinstalled the game.

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Re: Need help please!

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Hey @xD-ROD17x 

Restart your phone and your home router ( if you use WiFi). 

Switch between mobile data and WiFi to see if that will allow you to connect. 

If the problem persists afterwards, please reach out to our support team. 


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Re: Need help please!

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@xD-ROD17x I had this same error when I logged into my tablet (does not sync) and my phone which is the main device. I did a hard reboot of my phone and launched it a few times and it finally allowed me to log in and sync up the game.


iOS Force Restart


Android Device steps


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