Metal depot missing

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Re: Metal depot disspaeared

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@11EEvey I completely understand that one. When I was in support, I could do this in minutes because I was there when the tool was created. Every contact like this we send to management for review. I wish I could fix this myself, but CMs arent support so we have no choice but to refer them. These are areas that we are trying to change so support can get these done more effectively.


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Rif.: Simpsons Tapped Out: Can't find Metal Depot

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@wolff86 I am having the same problem too, I have tried to contacting the ea team but I kept going round in circles trying to send a message or an email concerning this matter. I just want to be able to continue with this game and I cannot until I have the metal depot. It’s going to a matter of time before I get too annoyed and delete the game altogether
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