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Log in issues with Spore on Steam

by Gimpytheimp

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Log in issues with Spore on Steam

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I just recently bought Spore and all the expansions from Steam and for some reason the game gives me an error message saying "Invalid login." I wasn't sure if it had to do with the account being registered to the first time I owned game so I made a new account but still get the same error message. Is there any reason why I'm getting this message?

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Re: Log in issues with Spore on Steam

Hi @vraymond79,


Use the same digital key you have got through steam in Origin, otherwise you can't use the full function
Read the post by another player, he had the same problems


Hope this will help!



I don't work for EA - I'm just only help other users . Cheers Liz

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Spore login

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When I try to login to the spore servers I always get a message saying invalid login. I am absolutly certian that I have my credentials correct. I think Origin may be interfereing with spore but am uncertian and have no proof other than it work before orign was installed. I also can not get Origin to reconize my spore product key. I have bought this copy a while back so I am thinking that it may be the problem. Can anyone help me?

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Re: Spore login

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Register Spore to Origin. This should resolve your problem. If you don't know how, you can contact an Advisor on Origin Live Chat in the "help" menu. They will get is for you. Sorry i don't know exactly how to register products on it yet. 


I once had this very same issue.


 Make sure you click the "help" tab at the top of the screen (after you create a free account) and click "Live Chat" to speak to an Advisor instantly. It's open 24/7 as well.


This is because you do not enter registration codes in the "Redeem Code" box. I' not sure where you put it, but it's caused by a patch for spore requiring you to register the game On Origin. Once it's patched and registered, it will work just fine.


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Re: Log in issues with Spore on Steam

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After being on the phone with EA customer service, they claim that all logins at the moment are screwed up and they are looking into the problem. All we can do is wait now.

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Re: Log in issues with Spore on Steam

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Oh, that explains why it also gives me Invalid Login. I hope they fix it soon, I want to publish an adventure.

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spore login

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i have purchased Spore through Steam but when i try to login using my EA account i get "invalid login",


please help,




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Re: Log in issues with Spore on Steam

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Yep same happening here with steam account.

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Login failure for Spore on Mac

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Been playing on my Mac since 2008, suddenly I get login failure, changed password was no help.  I don't want to loose my spore creations...what can I do to log in ?

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Spore Login Failed

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Just redownloaded Spore on steam. Haven't played in quite sometime. Tried to login. Said "Login Failed". I tried again, same message. Changed my password to verify that it's correct, still no luck. Tried to create a new account using the same email, says that I already have an account. Not sure what's going on. The password and email are correct, just can't log in. Thanks for any help!

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Re: Log in issues with Spore on Steam

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Very happy to find this thread. I just bought through Steam and can't access online features.



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