I need help restoring my progress in the game

by YuVaLK4580

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I need help restoring my progress in the game

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I played the Simpsons Tapped Out game without logging in and got to level 49. I even payed for something in the game (XP booster and the nerd character). But when I wanted to log in and sync my progress so that I could add friends, all my progress was gone.

Is it possible to restore it?


Thank you.

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Rif.: I need help restoring my progress in the game

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@YuVaLK4580 if you made a mistake when registering your account, the situation is slightly complicated. Generally, in these cases, after registering an account and logging in for the first time on the device where the city we want to upload online is saved, the app will tell us that it has found a level XX city on the device, asking us if we want to save it . In your case, it seems you didn't succeed!
But don't worry, your city, if you haven't deleted the device data or reinstalled it, is still there and you can find it if you log in anonymously.
In any case, before making the situation worse, perhaps it is better to let an EA consultant guide you: contact support and they will help you!



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