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I keep on getting thrown into 4k20 predator lobbies

by maximus314159

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I keep on getting thrown into 4k20 predator lobbies

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Hello EA.


I want to inform you that Apex Legends is in the worst condition of all time.

I am an average player in Apex (PS4), and have been playing this game since season 3 came out.

I have always been enjoying your game since day one, but unfortunately I am beginning to dislike it.

I am fully aware of your effort in improving the game, but the matchmaking of Apex is really driving me crazy.


Recently(since season 7?), I have been put into lobbies full of highly skilled players,

such as Predators, Masters, Diamonds and some other 4000 damage 20 kill badge players,

which I assume it is because that ranked is extremely hard to play under Ddos attacks,

including the attack referring to

On the other hand, I get level 30~80 players who couldn't even stay alive by himself.

I do understand that these high and low level players would also want to enjoy the game,

but for an average player (K/D 1.3 and still going lower) like myself, it's just pure PAIN.


I can no longer play in casual matches because once I land on a random place,

my random beginner teammate and I just get grinded by a full 3 stack of diamonds. It's so frigging frustrating.

Some of the players might tell me that I should just get better, improve my aim or movement or somewhat.

But that's not it! I just want to have some fun! What kind of FUN can you experience if you die only seconds after you land??

Please EA, please. Please tell me if you have any solution of some sort, like perhaps creating a lobby with same amount of K/D.

This is one of the my favorite FPS in my life, and I don't want to let go of it.

I will be waiting for your reply.



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Re: I keep on getting thrown into 4k20 predator lobbies

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Posted in wrong game section, this is for Spore.

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