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How to get into the spore servers 2020

by Leon2ooo

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How to get into the spore servers 2020

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Hello, I recently managed to get into the spore servers so i thought it be good to add the solution here.

I brought the game on steam, and redeemed (and downloaded) the game and its expansions on both platforms: load up Spore on steam and you'll be presented with that pop up that says "Log in" in the upper right corner, DO NOT press this, instead fill out the three boxes labelled "Email", "Password", "New username". Fill these out with your origin account details (With whatever "New username" you wish) and you should get into the spore servers!

One side note, I did this and while it worked and got me into the servers, it did NOT retrieve my content from years ago. I am currently believing this is because the spore servers were wiped a few years ago. However I am not sure of this! If anyone can update me on this, this will be very appreciated as this is for people like me who just wanted to get into the servers.

Thank you! Angel

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Re: How to get into the spore servers 2020

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I'm having the same problem. I can login on just fine, and it still shows my old creations there, but in-game it says those same credentials don't match anything in their system...

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