How do I get Lady Duff?

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How do I get lady duff?

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I have a quest “Mexican Duffman pt2” and I have completed two of them but the last one says “make lady duff party at moes”


How do I get lady duff ? 

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Re: How do I get lady duff?

@saragallow912 Lady Duff is a skin ( costume ) for Duffman.
He's unlocked when you build Duff Brewery - that's in the Yearbook mystery box if you can find it.
Once you have Duffman you should find you got that skin in a bundle with Mexican Duffman and can complete the task

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Re: How do I get lady duff?

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I am having the same problem and getting ZERO help from EA. 

I have the brewery and am trying to complete the Mexican Duff Man quest line. 

The forums tell me to go to the website. The website tells me to contact Twitter or the forums. Twitter tells me to check the forums or go to the website. 

I have a case started on the website but it says "waiting on player." But it doesn't tell me what they need. If I click "resume case" it takes me back to case screen where it says "waiting on player."

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Re: How do I get Lady Duff?

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@11EEvey Did both if those. Website said contact Twitter. Twitter said contact the website. They both say to try the forum.
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Re: How do I get Lady Duff?


@fasfan they will tell you that to get rid of you. Only EA can fix this for you, but they are not obligated to. Keep opening cases. Make sure to explain how you got Mexican Duffman without Lady Duff. If they won't give you the skin, ask them to remove the task or questline. There also is no reason to post on multiple threads.


I am not an employee of EA. I am just another player trying to help.
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Re: How do I get Lady Duff?

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@11EEvey I understand they're not obligated to. And it's just a stupid game so it's not like its affecting my life. I just thought I'd contact them and see if they could fix it since that's what help is for.
Also... I know I don't NEED to comment on multiple threads... but there's two open threads so why not? I'm not going to open a third. And maybe not everyone is seeing everything on both.
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Re: How do I get Lady Duff?

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I am having the same problem.  Lady Duff is nowhere to be found!  It is fustrating! I like the game very much and have been playing since it came out!  Not to mention buying donuts all this time.  So how about giving us some help EA!  I can see that there are a lot of gamers are having problrms with the same result.  Letting us just wait for other gamers to come up with the answer.  Here is a great Idea how about giving the gamer that comes up with the solution  one day pay of what you make on donuts sales



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Re: How do I get Lady Duff?

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Hi I contacted EA through email and they kindly placed the character next time I logged into the game.

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Re: How do I get Lady Duff?

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@fasfan When you post the same issue on multiple threads you end up have those of us who try to help people duplicating efforts. Everyone on here volunteers their time, and it is respectful of that effort to not do what @11EEvey politely asked you to not do. If you read the most recent post you will see that some people are getting the issue resolved.
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Re: How do I get Lady Duff?

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Hey folks,
This thread is quite a few years old and is being locked here to avoid further necroposting.
Feel free to create a new thread if there's a subject you're wanting to discuss that doesn't have a more recent topic, but if another thread already exists please post there instead. Thanks!

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