Game still have SFX while it is disabled

by szabobalazs0331

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Game still have SFX while it is disabled

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With the latest 4.67.5 version an annoying bug came up.


I usually play TSTO muted, music and SFX are turned off in the in game menu (except when I search for Maggie in the Mini-game). But with the latest update SFX always appears despite its still turned off in the in game menu.


When this happens I turn it on and off again in the in game menu and then it stops, but if I jump on another place on the map it starts again (the in game menu still shows it as muted, and I dont have to go out to the neighborhood screen or reload the game, just move on another part of the map with sweeping or tapping on the idle character icon/avatar).


This error appears under the latest iOS 16 and 17 too (I installed the 17.5.1 after get the bug but it still appears). Tried to log out and in again, the phone was restarted too, but it does not help, SFX sounds still playing (only the muting switch on the phone works, but thats not an optimal solution).

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