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Galactic Adventures Language and mod error

by millsap623

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Galactic Adventures Language and mod error

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I bought spore off of origin, and although there was a language error I fixed it and it worked fine. But when I bought galactic adventures and launched it, it played in Spanish instead of English. In addition, whenever I use the .exe file that installed with galactic adventures, all the mods I had stop working. Whenever I use the .exe file that came with the base game though, it plays in English and my mods work, but Galactic Adventures content is not available. I tried fixing galactic adventures like I did with the base game, but I could not find the files I needed in the galactic adventures folder. Any advise? 


Thanks in in advance for any help your able to offer


EDIT: I uninstalled and reinstalled the base game and GA and the issue was fixed. I did have to fix the language for the base game again but afterwards the error did not persist. I know that it seems like an obvious thing to do but as i am used to using steam and not origin i did not think to try that (because steam keeps crashing so i try to avoid uninstalling my steam games but im getting off topic here)

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