Rif.: Doughnut second ranger in new event

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Doughnut second ranger in new event

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I have asked for help since this new event started.


I cannot get the second ranger nor the dog when offered.


When I went to the doughnut offers and click it never shows the doughnuts with ranger or dog (which I just lost out on), but instead it shows other offers for doughnuts but not ranger!!


No one has helped, especially an official agent, I did have a fellow player try to help yet to no avail.


I use kindle and don't know if that is an issue or what.


Please help!!


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Rif.: Doughnut second ranger in new event

@ruby2shoes669 It's unlikely that a user can help you more than an official agent!
Have you already tried reinstalling the game (to be done only if you play with an EA account - not to be done if you play in anonymous mode)?
My advice is, taking into consideration that it could be a problem linked to the Amazon market (or to the version of the app released for those devices), to try to log in temporarily using another device... in this way you can check whether It's the Kindle's fault.
Real purchases are managed by the service providers of the various devices, i.e. Google for Android, Apple for iPhone and iPad and Amazon for Kindles and must be subject to their rules or account settings, in addition to the laws and rules of the region/state of use ... this is to say that there are many variables in the field!


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Rif.: Doughnut second ranger in new event

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Thank you I appreciate your reply.


I have tried to submit a case with ea assistance yet I am unable to get to the correct place.


I thought I would try here and see if anyone had ideas or an ea assistant might appear or if anyone else was having issues.  I guess it is just me.

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Rif.: Doughnut second ranger in new event


@ruby2shoes669 Players on Kindle have had this issue. If you could borrow a different device maybe from a family member or friend for a few minutes to install the game log in and buy the ranger. Otherwise, EA is aware of this issue and hopefully they are working on it.

tap the help link on the loading screen of the game choose technical support during US business hours M-F or try them on twitter

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