Donuts keep getting refunded

by Venickaja

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Donuts keep getting refunded

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My payment for donuts keeps getting refund since May 10th on Google Play I have been in contact with Google and my bank and they both have no idea what is going on.

Can some one help please

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Re: Donuts keep getting refunded

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Hi @Venickaja


I'm not sure what might be happening there. If you'd like to ensure it's not something on your TSTO account side of things, our support team will gladly check that for you. They can be reached using the steps in this guide: 

It will help speed things up if you can share your Mayhem ID with the support team once you've reached them too. Here's how you can locate it:

Thanks, I hope they can help you get to the bottom of this,


- EA_Lanna


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