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Betreff: Creatures Locked for Absent Pack and Core Spore

by Freggi-Liz

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Creatures Locked for Absent Pack and Core Spore

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Well I just got out o an issue where the game wouldn't load. After several tries I just decided to uninstall an reinstall everything (in order, Spore, Spore C&C and Spore GA).


Started to work just fine. But now 2 of my creations (being one of them the highest - and only - captain I have/made and which I'm using in my world to get full everything, is locked.


Whenever I go through the Main Menu and try to edit them it says "This creation is locked because it uses parts from a game not installed on this machine" (or something along those lines) and then says which game. A few say it's C&C, which I have. and that said captain says it uses parts from CORE SPORE. LIKE, REALLY?


This has made it so several creatures show up with some of the textures as blocks and whenever I try to enter the Captain Outfitter as I'm beaming down on an Adventure, it gives me a completely random Captain to edit, which makes it impossible to upgrade mine, even f he levels up.


Please tell me how to fix this, please. Before all this ordeal, last summer, everything was just fine. To mention that the games where bought on Steam and then brought over to Origin and I've tried to repair both Spore (with C&C included in it) and Spore GA.


Please help me out on this.



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Betreff: Creatures Locked for Absent Pack and Core Spore

@HReachKidPT Hi


Spore Core is the normal basic game.
There are several solution to the issue.

Edit the creature directly through the Spore Creature Editor
Or move your Preferencens folder on your desktop.
Just launch "only" the basic game, close it again.
Then start GA, maybe this helps.  
Btw-The Preferencens folder is always recreated after each launch and login of the game



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