Crashes when clicking EA login

by DomalomRogers

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Crashes when clicking EA login

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Game keeps crashing when trying to log into my EA Account on my iPad, as video shows. Had help through Twitter, checked date/time, updated iOS, cleared cache, no change. Any help? 

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Re: Crashes when clicking EA login

@DomalomRogers wrote:

Game keeps crashing when trying to log into my EA Account on my iPad


- Original iPad from 2010? Doubt it as iPad only goes to iOS 5.1.1 and TSTO requires iOS 9

what generation, mini, pro, air and number


as video shows.


- What video?


Had help through Twitter, checked date/time, updated iOS


- What iOS? 12.5.5? 15.4.1?


, cleared cache, no change. Any help? 




Since you chose not to disclose what device or OS you're using, there can be 100s of different issues and I will not list them all

You did not say how much free space your device have nor what kind of connection (WIFI, 3G, 4G, 5G,) you use

or if you have tried other devices, or connections


I do not know what Twitter told you (besides time/date, update iOS) so I might say the same thing

- Free up space, depending on device you need up to 15GB free space, actually for older iPads you need more like 25GB free space

- Switch connection, try a different WIFI, use 4G or 5G

- Try a different device, since you usually play on Apple, log in on an Android 

- Unless you play Anonymously, do a delete/reinstall

- If none of this works, go back to support


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Simpsons tapped

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Simpsons tapped out. 

I have a problem with trying to logg in on my origin account on the iOS version of the game. I have redownloaded the game, let the game load, changed password and everything. But everytime i try to press the logg in button the game crashes. What can i do that make my game work again?

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Re: Simpsons tapped

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Same here, found an answer?

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Re: Crashes when clicking EA login

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Its a totally new iPad, from 2022. Bought with 256gb and 25gb used. I am using wi-fi and have tried/also tried 4g Network just to make sure. Its utdated to the newest iOS update and everthing is up to date. I have also tried logging into my phone which also dosent work. Hope this help. I also see others have had the same problem. 

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Log in attempt causes crash

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This has been going on for a few days now. Ive got android tablet and phone. Both have had it installed and deleted and i still get the  crash when i attempt to log in. Its a bug. I cannot even put my email or password in

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Crashes when logging in

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I am running tapped out on an Android Huawei Mate 20 pro.


It has logged me out of the app (a common occurance), but it is now not letting me log back in. 


I click on the login button on bottom right of load screen. See screenshot. But each time I click it, it crashes out of the programme straight back to my home screen. 


I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but no luck.  


FYI. It is not even allowing me to get to the screen where it asks for your email to get a code from EA. 


Any help appreciated. 

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Re: Crashes when logging in

Hey @155paul155,

I've moved your post to a more relevant board than EA General Questions.


Answers HQ Guardian

do not work for EA


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Re: Crashes when logging in

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@155paul155 Just yesterday, a user solved this kind of problem by himself ... I'll tag you in his post, maybe it helps! (this => Solved: Cannot log in to EA account - Answer HQ )

In any case, it seems that it was enough to change the password from the game profile:
Try it yourself and let us know if you solve!



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Re: Crashes when clicking EA login

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I too am having the same issue, which occurred with the latest event. Before, I was signed in and I could just continue as per usual. This morning, I had to sign in and as soon as I click on the EA Login, the game crashes, on both my iPhone and iPad. This is a game issue and not a device issue. 

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