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Content not uploading, Creepy&Cute not showing on

by atheenbean

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Content not uploading, Creepy&Cute not showing on

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I recently tried to add some of my creatures to a sporecast, only to find that a large portion of them never uploaded to the Sporepedia. I did not notice before, as they display the upload icon in my own game. While looking for other answers, I found that there may be an issue with the creepy and cute parts pack not being recognized by the website. All that displays on my account is the base game, as well as the C&C icon with "Get it" underneath. I recently moved the pack from Steam to Origin and tried reposting a creature from that launcher, but no luck so far.

Does anyone know how to
a) convince that I have the Creepy and Cute Parts Pack? And
b) Actually upload my creatures?

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