Can't Login To Server

by ITGreen

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Re: Can't Login To Server

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Unfortunately the error is still there for me.

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Re: Can't Login To Server

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I have not been able to connect since yesterday and off and on for weeks 

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Re: Can't Login To Server

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Hi @ITGreen and @grandma11686,

Right, ok. Let's see. Are you playing on an Android device?

- EA_Lanna

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Re: Can't Login To Server

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Hi. Tapped Out player from SE Asia here.


I have been experiencing connection issues as well. (Playing on Android device)


Done uninstall, reinstall; however issue still persists.


Noted issue resolve temporarily (1 min. max) at 8pm (GMT+8)

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Re: Can't Login To Server

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No iso iPad 




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Re: Can't Login To Server

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I’m playing on my iPad. This has been going on for awhile. 

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Re: Can't Login To Server

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Finally got back in. Not sure what the issue was.

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Re: [Under Investigation] Game wont load past donut spinning screen

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Sigh.   It is not resolved.  Really disappointed. 

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Whenever I click login in the loading screen in the left bottom side my game crashes! I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting and reinstalling the app, refreshing the app and contacting EA nothing is working HELP

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Re: Crashing


@blqckccqtq what device and os version? How much ram does your device have? deices need at least 1.5 gbs of RAM i think. Check your ea account is verified and change password to be less than 15 characters with no symbols. also add a real mobile number to get codes as a backup.

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