Rif.: Bug report

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Bug report

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Bug report with screenshot

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Rif.: Bug report

@CaroLM1989 It's a temporary graphical glitch, not a permanent error! Your device, perhaps due to too many processes and services active in the background, perhaps due to little RAM memory available at the moment (memory that it must share with other running applications), has made an error in composing the image on the screen. Don't worry, your city isn't really ruined, it's just momentarily "shown poorly"! If you continue playing or if you put the game in object movement mode for a moment (4 arrows icon) or if you close, remove from recent and reopen the game, you will see that the glitch will have disappeared. I recommend restarting the device every now and then, and before playing, closing applications that are not needed and which, if opened in the background, can slow down the device.


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