Rif.: [Apple] Simpsons tapped out crashes after launching

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[Apple] Simpsons tapped out crashes after launching

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My simpsons tapped out keeps crashing when I open it

ive tried deleting it, redownloading it, switching WiFi updating it and restarting my iPad mini and it still keeps happening. I really don’t want to lose the account as I’ve had it for years 

im not signed in on my ea account on my simpsons, is it lost forever or is there anyway I can get into the game.


Its an iOS 12.5.7 on the AppStore it says it’s compatible with my device

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Rif.: [Apple] Simpsons tapped out crashes after launching

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@kateregan04 if you play with an EA account, then your city is safe on EA servers and you can access it from any device, simply by downloading the app and logging in with your credentials.
Regarding the problem with your iPad:
it could be an incompatibility with the app, perhaps due to a device that is no longer supported or not updated (you have not specified which version of iOS is installed on your iPad) - try to check if they are available updates to your device's operating system -
OR, as often happens in these cases, it may be the fault of the network connection that blocks the connection to the EA servers (I didn't say that the network isn't working, but that the operator, the modem or any whatever it may be, blocks the connection to the servers).
To give you an example: In my country we are fighting against a mobile network operator who sometimes doesn't allow you to play this game; the result is the screen of Bart unplugging the network, but I know for a fact that often on Apple devices, this can cause the game to crash.

I also recommend:
- if you are using them, try turning off VPN connections
- try using a different network connection than usual
- to check and update the software and operating system installed on the device
- to close all open apps (also removing them from the recent list) before trying to access the game



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