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weapons damage incorrect

by Dan_1102

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weapons damage incorrect

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just jumped onto anthem with a friend and looked at my guns and noticed that for example my avenging herald now only does 70 damage instead or its original higher damage  same goes for the other weapons too 

think they messed up something 

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Re: weapons damage incorrect

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all weapons regardless of rarity or level have the same damage, which would be perfect and even preferable if weapon damage scaled off javelin gear score like melee, combos and ultimate damage is.


This also seems to be the case with mastercraft and legendary javelin components instead of a ranger piece basically having 2200 armour and shields per piece and a colossus piece having 10,000 armour and 2000 shields they now show 150 armour and 100 shields with epics still being in the mid hundreds (500ish) which would also be fine and very much preferred if these values also where based around gear score and individual javelin modifiers ( example the colossus should have a +500% modifier and all others 100% so that universal components affect colossus the same as other javelins are and not actually much less benefit because the colossus losses so much more of its percentage of armour and shields than other javelins do.


What I find super strange is that there doesn’t seem to be much talk about this subject.

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