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Re: server keeps dropping me

by Tonsofail

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server keeps dropping me

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Product: Anthem
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Please specify your platform model. Microsoft Xbox One X
Please select your region North America
Were you on an Expedition when the issue occurred? Yes
What type of Expedition were you on when the issue occurred? Freeplay
What was the name of the Mission / Contract / Stronghold you were on? I had just entered freeplay from Fort Taris when the screen flashed suddenly and the loading screen appeared. The next area I was in was the Fort with the error message stating I needed to check my internet connection because the server lost me. This has been a problem that has plagued me from Day One. Not to mention that I lost all of my Masterwork Gear in the process which adds another layer of fustration.
What was your chosen difficulty level? Grandmaster 1
What Javelin were you using when the issue occurred? Colossus
What was your Expedition team makeup? Random Freelancers
Where did this issue occur? Please include menu name or in game location. Freeplay right outside of the Fort.
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 07.03.19 @ 0215 Est
Summarize your bug server constantly drops me
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? play anthem with an xbox one x with your own private internet service.
What happens when the bug occurs? the game kicks me back to the starting screen wiping out all of you xp points, feats, coin. components and inventory. I am the main kicker the error message puts the blame on me stating there is a problem with my interent connection when its the opposite.
What should be happening instead? Should be playing Anthem with no interruption

I would of figured that Bioware would of learned something from all the server issues and problems that plagued the orginial Division game because the problems that Anthem is experiencing at the moment reminds me of how the Division game was functioning when it was first released. Not to get anyone miffed BUT maybe someone should have a call placed to DIGITAL EXTREMES in Canada to see what they have done with their brain child and their servers to keep WARFRAME up and running with no major server glitches that Anthem is presenting. Just a thought.

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Re: server keeps dropping me

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Happened again last night while in Grandmaster 1 Freeplay except this time I had just taken down a Legendary Titan and before I could get to the 2 legendary drops the server boots me out. I wouldn't be so miffed at this if it wasn't for the unpredictable rate at which legendary items drop. Something needs to be done to sure up your servers to strenthen connectivity.

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Re: server keeps dropping me

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This happens to me literally hourly in every kind of mission doing basically anything. I've spent days in twitter DMs with "support" "troubleshooting" to no avail. I was hoping this latest patch would address it but nope so I'll just log in for the daily key and then play something else that doesn't disconnect me every 20 minutes.


**On PC

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