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Re: no omega mat for daily

by GladOS-013

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no omega mat for daily

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Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Apple iPhone
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? Iphone
OS Version 10
Ally Code: (Find it here: ) 683885967
What type of issue do you have? Missing Rewards
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
Summarize your bug Didnt receive omega mat for completing daily quests
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? My last three quests and the order in which I did them was light side, ship arena, and squad arena. I did one battle of squad arena, followed by the ship arena, both of which I won and then I lost the second squad arena. I cant remember the order of my other quests as I did a lot of them before going to bed.
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region North America
Country USA

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Re: no omega mat for daily

Hi, @Uriakatos and thanks for the report!

The visual in your screenshot is just showing what was inside of the "Prize Box Reward". There are many other rewards associated with completing the daily activity that are granted when you complete it.

If you would like to verify yourself - tomorrow check your total quantity of omega materials before and after cashing in that activity. You will see the number of omegas increase by one.

I've attached a picture showing some of the daily rewards, including the green box. Since the green box is variable each day, those are the rewards displayed in the image you showed us.

Hope this helps!

I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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