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Re: lumpy clay reappering

by troublecathead

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Re: lumpy clay reappering

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morning or evening to everyone . i am still getting lumpy clap around everywhere still and it's annoyying so much , please can you fix this bug i've had it since the last updated and that when snowy escape came out . 02-04-21_6-52-17 AM.png

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Re: lumpy clay reappering

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Hello! I use a translator, I don't speak English, but I hope I am understood. I have managed to fix this problem, although the form is a bit tedious, but it works. I have gone to each domestic unit, erasing clay and cubes of the future from the inventory of each sim, in each neighborhood of each world I have eliminated the art and technical service action plans, (when I went in to clean up their inventories, I used in a house of each neighborhood, the "testingcheats true" cheat, and in the mailbox I chose the plans that I want in that neighborhood), in addition to deactivating the votes of the other sims in the game settings. I have also deleted all units "out of the world" from household management, so that no sim still has clay or cubes in their inventory. So far it's been at least ten sim days, and none of them have any more clay or cubes in their inventory, there's not everywhere and I don't see any sims using any of that. I was doing this for a few hours, but for me it was worth it Standard smile

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Re: lumpy clay reappering

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I'm really sick of seeing lumps of clay everywhere and can't remove them. 

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