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Re: iPad Pro 2018 stealth & shadows

by rkain

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Re: iPad Pro 2018 stealth & shadows

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Any word on when this will be fixed?

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Re: iPad Pro 2018 stealth & shadows

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I reiterate:

The new iPads (aka „Best in Class“) have been out for months now. 

Much smaller games have been updated for months. 


It‘s a disgrace. 

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Re: iPad Pro 2018 stealth & shadows

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A few things to keep in mind:

  • When new hardware comes out, companies do not always get it right away.  This only affects the latest iPad Pros, and not the previous ones.
  • There are plenty of apps that have not been updated to handle the new screen resolutions.  In order to properly take advantage of the full screen on the new iPad Pros, the apps need to take into consideration the new home bar thing that hovers at the bottom.  You need to make sure your UI doesn't merge into it so button pushes.  It's similar to dealing with notches on Android phones.  It took them awhile to add native support but they finally did with the most recent client release and it works well.
  • There's also a chance the shadow issue could be an iOS driver issue.  In that case, there may not be a work around and they just have to wait until Apple fixes it.
  • If this fix requires a client update, you should know by now that SWGOH client updates are a pretty big deal.  They're most likely not going to roll out a client fix for an individual bug unless it's completely game breaking.  Client updates are usually reserved for new game features like game modes and QoL features.  So they'll bunch all of those and bug fixes into one release.  If some of the features in the most recent Road Ahead post require client updates, then hopefully the next update will contain a fix for the shadows and use the full screen of the iPad Pro 2018.  I have a 12.9 inch model and the screen is big enough that I forget it's not taking up the full screen and the shadow bugs don't affect me game wise.  Unfortunately, it looks like it affected someone for the Chewbacca event.  That should probably should have been logged as a different bug.
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Re: iPad Pro 2018 stealth & shadows

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Not one acceptable answer at this point except acknowledging it’s a bug on the devs part and they have done nothing about it. I have reported the bug and waited months now. It’s time to give the iPad Pro the respect, resolution and look of the iPhone X. I’m missing practically 2/3rds of the game board visuals, no full screen and can barely see who’s what in the snow. You feel because I have new hardware I’m expendable until they catch up with me? As a day 1 loyal daily player should be waiting this long? That is not good business at all. Please fix this issue. Nobody is going to be buying old iPads over new ones going forward. This is a popular game on iOS. Less popular games have already acclimated to the future. I simply want to know since it’s acknowledged as bug how much longer do I have to wait until it’s fixed?

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Re: iPad Pro 2018 stealth & shadows

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Finally fixed. Thanks for that!

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